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supllies stored on post rack


Create accessible storage anywhere by taking advantage of your building’s own vertical structure ­— with virtually no limitations in placement.

Accessibility can be an issue in post frame construction depending on how your space was/is planned. Post-Rack enables the designer, the builder, or even the building owners or management to create: high-capacity storage, work-spaces or even seating within the confines of your post frame structure or pole barn — utilizing the structure itself as it’s foundation.

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The design, manufacturing and materials that make up our Post-Rack enable the installed product to handle heavy loads and rough usage in your pole barn.

The Post-Rack bracket has a safety factor of 1.8, constructed shelves can support up to 750 pounds of load over a span 12 feet. Safety tested by National Industrial Supply in Troy, MI – an independent lab. Manufactured in the USA by a world-class Wisconsin-based manufacturing facility; utilizing state-of-the-art facilities and techniques including robotic welding, high-grade powder coating and 11 gauge steel.

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Create work spaces as well as storage spaces to provide the same strength to the production areas of your facility. Brackets can be moved at any time to change with your work environment.

Pole barns and post frame constructed buildings have endless versatility in themselves, but until now, storage and workspace design within your Pole Barn or Post Frame structure has been limited and inconsistent. With Post-Rack, you see strength for capacity, spacial advantage for flexibility and the ability to re-configure for changing needs — all of these things make Post-Rack the best choice for your pole barn shelving.

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