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The New Pole Barn Bracket





Dear Lord, bless our team as we head into the biggest week for our company to date, provide us with safe travels along another stretch of this journey that you have laid out before us.  Countless thanks we offer and every time you have provided the guidance to take that next step, accept the next risk and greet the next day with optimistic enthusiasm in the face of countless challenges and educated teachings.  We pray for the health of our partner Loyd, to his vision and promise, and ability to take thought to material, we owe a great deal of gratitude.  We do this under your intersection and to fulfill a covenant amongst all involved.”  Amen


Friday, March 3, 2017 – NFBA EXPO in Nashville Tennessee – Nation Wide Product Launch for our “Post-Rack” Pole Barn Bracket – One of twelve finalists for “New Product of The Year”




The Beginning

The toughest post within a blog is the first one, that you better figure out “who this is to” and “what can it do for others”?  For our purpose, it is to share in a journey of intersections not necessarily by happenstance.  To share in a business mission of going from start-up to story.   Scott Systems offers American made products with the determination to provide significant employment and economic growth.  The American dream is alive more than ever before; however, not without the fundamental requirement of hard work and sacrifice.  Hard work and sacrifice define the history of Scott Systems, Our History . The company is comprised of a husband and wife unification, William and Kimberly Bowser, About Us , determined for nothing but success and unafraid to slip a few minutes under any executive door; an Inventor, Loyd Scott, with vision and precision designed through decades of trade experience; Marketing Strategist, Brent Chartier, focused our team through the early stages of development by offering a great deal of professional insight into human behavior;  a Sales Executive, Elliott Clark, with twenty-plus years of team building and coaching experience matched with fifteen years heading a key logistics position within global leader Alta Genetics; a manufacturing team, Venture Mfg., with world class standards, world class facilities and word class products; and finally, an educated Marketing force, David Potter, D-Zine Company and our Video Coordinator, Daniel Zempel,  Big House in the Little Woods ;  who have taken a concept and transformed it into an up and coming, award winning company on the rise.  One year ago, this team accepted the Innovative Safety Product of Year Award   – 1st place winner of NAHB SAFE Award 2016, in Las Vegas, announced as Scaff-All, .  Today, we are ready to launch the Post-Rack, , pole barn shelving and storage bracket.  A heavy-duty, beast of a bracket, holding 1,000 pounds over spans of 8 to 12 ft.  Amazingly easy to install, creatively versatile, and clean by design.



The Post-Rack product is one of twelve featured finalists for new product at the 2017 Frame Building Expo at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.



We are, Scott Systems


“The Value of an idea is in the using of it.”  Thomas Edison


Loyd Scott engineered the schematics to create a bracket that he believed would revolutionize safety, overachieve in strength, and allow for versatility amongst all trades throughout the construction process. Designed and fabricated in the early 90’s, the Scaff-All bracket was well received by crews the moment anyone saw it.  A construction company owner for many years and a master craftsman for many more, Loyd’s solution to overcome obstacles on the job site was to create a multi-functional tool that utilizes the strength of the structure to create worker support and safety. What separates the Scaff-all bracket from everything else is the unique design for the steel bracket to collar a 2×4 stud with a vice-like grip.  Lag bolts through the front and side of the bracket create a safe, secure, two-foot extension away from the structure by way of US Patent: 7,360,627.  Utilized as fall protection for roofers, a ladder in hard to reach construction areas, a platform for setting trusses at the roofline, as well as, a storage and shelving space, the initial Scaff-All bracket would be a game changer on the jobsite.  Following the fabrication of the first bracket, came the challenge to take this product to market.  Many years had passed before Loyd found a partner that he trusted, a partner who could share Loyd’s vision, with the drive to push through business barriers.   A shared passion for Harley rides around the Lake St. Claire area, would eventually grow into a business venture northeast of Detroit. Loyd would form a bond and business partnership with William Bowser.  Trusted by Loyd, the two would seek public opinion by demonstrating the bracket at the 2015 Midwest Home Builders Association Expo at Ford Field in Detroit.  Interest was extremely high and the bracket would take home a best of show award, but more significant, the seeds of a corporation were planted.


Enter Army Veteran William Bowser, twenty-three years of distinguished and honored service to our country. A former executive at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, William leads this company as CEO and possesses a tenacity unequaled. The two share a friendship and respect for one another, as well as a commitment to take Loyd’s vision and transform that dream to a marketable product.  Loyd’s physical abilities have been hindered, yet his engineering and construction identity continue to serve what has become Scott Systems.  Our store displays are Loyd created, down to the detail of dimensions for vehicle transport and casters for ease of trade-show demonstration. William Bowser provides the fuel to our engine, ignites the spark for all to focus on and a disciplined regimen of accountability for every aspect of the company.  We have the best leader, we have the best partners and products that create jobs, provide safety, and have the strength and durability to outlast even the toughest conditions. Scott Systems is a veteran operated company with products manufactured in the US.   A reconnection with family at a funeral in 2015, William would partner with Elliott Clark, promoting Elliott to the role of Executive VP of Sales and Marketing. Loyd, William, Kimberly Bowser [Executive VP of Administration] and Elliott would form the pillars of Scott Systems.  Since that union, several key players have been added to the team, product testing and reconfigurations have been established, additional patent application has been submitted, thousands of miles have been traveled and countless hours have been invested.  Each day we move forward, eager to offer value, include integrity and grow in partnerships.












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