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Generating Momentum, Generating Revenue…

Still hot from the Post-Rack debut at the NFBA 50th Anniversary Expo in Nashville with the award for Best Product of the Show, Scott-Systems continues to generate momentum in the pole barn market! Not only have we delivered a product of unmatched ingenuity and superior quality, we offer the opportunity for business partnerships with a rare advantage to create an additional revenue stream for your company.  We offer discounted pricing based upon volume which in turn equals profit margins of considerable proportion.  An upsell on a USA manufactured, 12 gauge, 18 pound bracket with a holding capacity rated for 750 pounds over an 8 to 12 foot span, this beast of a bracket makes for a fantastic workbench, Stores Up the Wall, and opens up the floor space.  Package these brackets with labor and materials, the opportunity for your business to expand is significant!  We have formed a company with parts as strong as the steel within our brackets.  Loyd Scott’s plan combined with William Bowser’s passion has been just too much to not pay attention to.   Our growing reputation as a legitimate contributor to the advancement of the pole barn industry has come with a consistent commitment to deliver results and satisfy solutions.    In recognition for being voted best product, our team was blessed to sit-down with Gary Reichart and Sharon Thatcher of Rural Builder magazine in Iola, Wisconsin.  We were super fortunate to have the opportunity to share our story.  The transcendent patterns of adding pieces to our company, teammates who share an idealist vision, positive reinforcement, and a genuine compassion for life.  We continue to pass every test and overcome every business obstacle and we do it together. Scott-Systems


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