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Standing By (And On) Our Products

The quality and strength of our products are without a doubt what separates Scott Systems from the rest!  The patented technology of bolting high quality steel to construction grade lumber creates a grip strong enough to support significant load totals while eliminating the necessity for obstructive supports.  Load testing under the supervision of Wick Builders’ lead engineer, two Post-Rack brackets were used to create a 10′ shelving span.  45 pound concrete cookies were added to the stress of 2,880 pounds with zero deflection on the posts and zero distortion to the brackets!!  We rate our brackets for 1,000 pounds over a max. span of 12 feet creating a 1.8 safety factor.  The picture to the left is our President William Bowser and his wife, Kimberly.  To the right is a sneak peak at a bracket with the potential to revolutionize the construction industry!  We could not be more excited to bring our newest product, Float-Frame, to market! A bracket strong enough to hold granite, concrete and marble counter tops, barrier free for complete wheelchair accessibility. Invert this bracket into garage trusses and you have safe, innovative storage for paddle boards, kayaks and canoes. Attach these brackets to your garage studs to create storage, shelving and a rock-solid workbench. The opportunities with this bracket are endless!!

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