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Get That New Pole Barn Feeling Again…

Remember that feeling you had those first few days with your new pole barn? Finally, a place for all your stuff.

Now look what’s happened. Those bags of concrete in the corner, wood left over from your kid’s deck or that spare set of tires. That spacious new pole barn now has hardly enough room for your seed spreader.

You can change all that and get that new pole barn feeling again with Scott System’s Post-Rack.
Store Up the Wall, Not on the Floor
Post-Rack shelves solve your two biggest problems – space and more space. It’s a fact: Given a 24’ x 16’ space, you’ll find 30’ x 30’ of stuff to fill it, right?
With Post-Rack shelves, you can find more space by storing up the wall, not on the floor.
Post-Rack brackets have been tested to support 750 pounds. Brackets can be easily attached to upright posts from 3.25” to 6.25”.
Get that new pole barn feeling back again with Post-Rack brackets. Call Scott System’s today at (888) 204-9990 or order on-line using the ‘buy’ tab at the top of this screen.

Below are the “before” and “after” pictures of another satisfied Post-Rack customer.

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