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Store Up The Wall…

With each passing week, Scott-Systems continues to create partnerships with those interested in creating the opportunity to maximize the functionalities of pole barn storage opportunities. The Post-Rack bracket is an overachiever and the most innovative way to maximize floor space while utilizing structural strength. Recently debuting at the 50th Anniversary of the NFBA Expo in Nashville, our product took home the award for “Best Product” of the show, voted on by experts within the pole barn community! We have since found opportunities for partnerships with the capability of combining a superior class product, packaged with construction grade lumber and master craftsmanship, to afford companies a more than 25% profit margin. This innovative stream of revenue is available across the country and backed with the security of durability, versatility and functionality within every pole barn structure. Our Post-Rack bracket maintains at 1.8 safety factor rating over an 8′ to 12′ span. Engineered testing has proven zero column deflection and zero bracket compromise with over 2,800 pounds of stress. Patented ingenuity within an adjustable bracket allows for a substantial grip to any column up to 6″ in width.

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