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The Value of Made in America…

Without a doubt, the greatest value of our products can be signified by one label and one label only, “Made in the USA”. The pride of having a product sold in the United States by an American company through an organization run by veterans of the United States Army is pretty significant. It does not get any more patriotic than that. We have not only survived the initial stages of a start-up company, we have become stronger and have generated a momentum that will carry us into the future, which not only means creating value for our customers, but also jobs and revenue streams for our partners. To truly identify oneself as loyal to the pursuit of democracy, is to support the cause we most identify. American made products that create solutions for the American consumer. Product testing is complete, the test results are in, and what we have to offer is something never before seen by the frame building industry. When quality meets strength, expectations are exceeded, and that is exactly what Scott-Systems is all about. Our products are not just launched, they win awards. The opportunity to partner with one of the most powerful retail chains in the United States is not just humbling, it validates the fact that we have something to provide every consumer in the pole barn industry. Storage and shelving to an extreme! A product made in Beaver Dam, WI, recognized by the super-power Menards. A partnership forged from quality, with the durability to last an eternity. 8′ to 12′ shelves with the capability to hold over 2,800 pounds, safety rated to hold 750 pounds, these brackets are truly that good!

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