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The Persistence of Time…

Who am I to write this, who even reads this (for real, please let us know if anyone even reads this!!)?

The sobering part of running 13.1 miles is the fact that after focusing upon the first two miles of pace, muscle burn and breathing, you settle into a state of contemplation. Not just the “what the hell am I doing”; but more upon how is this going to end up, can we make it, are we prepared, does the sacrifice outweigh the reward, how much further? So defines our company, a marathon, we are in this for the long haul.

My wife, our oldest boy and I, completed the Granddad 1/2 Marathon in Lacrosse, WI this past weekend, a goal we had set back in January. Rare are the moments in life of clarity, those times where everything just seems to make sense. The point where the pain and struggle turns to focus and determination, where repetition over time succeeds gratification over ease and the unwillingness to feel uncomfortable. In a short time, Scott-Systems has been able to take a goal, encompass that goal with a plan, put together a program of perfecting reflexes while eliminating the short-term failures of the human condition, provided products which create solutions and solidify that dream with the realities of scientific testing and professional testimony. The true meaning of the “American Dream”, the essentials to attaining health, wealth and happiness, over what the majority have given up on or choose simply choose the alternative of just getting by in life, living paycheck to paycheck, is what we stand for. Too much month at the end of the money seems the perpetuation for daily activity. An all-star company of players comprised of the essentials to bring the highest quality engineered products, extreme efforts is to create job opportunities to the masses and at every step of the way authentic identification with products backed by the label of “American Made”, it’s what defines us.

By no means is this the story of an “overnight success”, our struggle to break into the powerful business influences within the United States has been real. We have allocated personal finances to the point of depletion and survival. We have been to the cross-roads of accord and surrendered ourselves to a much higher power. The guidance of perseverance has enriched our lives with intersections beyond the realm of explanation. So fortunate are we for the professionals and partners that have embodied the identification of who we are along this roller-coaster journey of provocation. It was just after the Mile Nine marker of the race, the Nine Inch Nail’s version of “Hurt”, remade by the iconic Johnny Cash, flowed my through head-phones and it was a moment I will never forget. “I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel”. You have to set goals, not just daily goals, but long term goals in life. Choose to be uncomfortable, choose a goal that is not just attainable, but one that gives you the hope that whether or not the goal is achieved, striving towards that goal that will leave you better than where you are today. The influence to setting a goal is that it eliminates the short-term negativity of the “I can’t” and creates the hope of “maybe I just might”. A goal attains the result which forces you to create the plan, the map to success. A goal is what vindicates the reason while everything else in life provides the excuse. Achievement is what creates the dream to want more, the drive to push harder, and the reinforcement to empower the self over the natural desire to conform. At Scott-Systems, we have chosen to pursue each and every day with a drive to compete, superior quality products to distribute to the masses and the fulfillment of a covenant to maximize each day through genuine effort. We move forward through the persistence of time, we break down barriers of skepticism with results and believe that with each new day there is opportunity, yet that we each new day, we have one less. supllies stored on post rack

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