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For The Longest Climb…

One of my favorite features of social media are the images posted one year ago and the reminder of how much potential is within each of the five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes that hold the outcome of growth. Scott-Systems has shown up at the rugged ascent with not just award winning products and a strategic plan, we too continue reinvesting our collective efforts to drive this company to the top! The fortitude to turn small achievements into grand horizons and the openness to turn educational lessons into innovative solutions for the home and business owner, is what motivates us. Our strong relationships with partners who share their individual talents to reinforce the foundation of our company is how we respond to the many challenges inherited through market growth and outside corporate interest. This past year for Scott-Systems has been faced with the challenges of taking new products to their respective markets, of recovering assets to offset rapid new growth and new marketing expenses and of demonstrating a constant level of customer satisfaction and a constant reputation for delivering quality brackets on time, over time. Our leadership team combines quality values and the genuine appreciation for celebrating a new opportunity with each day. We have been blessed with the good fortune of spending the last several days together and our quest remains as solid as the day we started. Our goals for summiting the business mountain are in tact, our plan is as defined as ever and our equipment is the most functional, the most innovative and the most durable on the market.

In combination to celebrating the existence of our partnership and strong family bond, we too have had the extreme fortune to obtain the new proto-type for our island bracket and newest edition to the Scott-Systems line-up! This twenty-four inch bracket provides the strength to support floating islands of surfaces such as granite, marble and concrete. The twelve gauge steel composition and ability to bolt to any 2X4 lumber stud, makes this bracket extremely functional with brute strength. Our patented technology behind utilization of vertical strength to combine bracketed technology with structural integrity is what separates our superior products. Our experience has been shaped by time, our patience tested by the same. With each step we grow closer to achieving our goal of leaving a legacy in the advancement of freeing up the floor and storing up the wall.

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