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Moving Emotion to “likes” and Connecting Partnerships to “shares”…

Compassion, Sympathy, Empathy, Encouragement, Improvement and Achievement: Social Media’s ingredients for generating an emotional response in the form of action. An acknowledgment of assurance in the form of support by simply clicking “like”. At Scott-Systems, we have made significant advances to securing and reinforcing the roots of our company by sharing innovative solutions with products that exceed expectations. The nucleus of our company is reinforced through a deep connection of visions and values, our partners share a similarity in virtues. Competitive price structuring and award winning validation for smart design is what sets our products apart. The Post-Rack bracket for storage, shelving and work-benches in the pole barn industry was a home-run even before the launch in Nashville, the Float-Frame is already capturing the minds of architects, designers and installers. We anticipate the web launch for the middle of August and look forward to sharing a product line with the capabilities of supporting significant granite, marble and concrete weight, with the functionality to eliminate obstructive leg supports which creates an opportunity for complete wheelchair accessibility! Attached are a couple of sneak peaks into the endless opportunities for design with our standard, patented technology of direct bracket attachment to stud framing. From pre-existing finished walls to rough construction, our newest Scott-Systems brackets remain synonymous with strength, efficiency and ingenuity.

From transforming a closet into work space, floating benches in a foyer, or installing sinks and vanities that exceed code in homes, apartments, hospitals, hotels, rehabilitation facilities, retirement homes; the Float-Frame bracket installs in seconds and supports for longevity. 12-gauge steel construction with a lightweight design for easy installation and multiple lengths for unlimited versatility, we included it all in this one.

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