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The Power of the Made Up Mind…

How powerful is the made up mind? How powerful is determined thought? Having partial ownership and a leadership role within the everyday functions of sales and marketing with Scott-Systems, there is a realization that the ups and downs fall directly upon the shoulders of a small number of us representing the core of this company. One of the greatest challenges that we face in the realm of progression, is the hovering consumer. Our goal has and always will be, to provide products to the consumer, the distributor and the purchasing managers that make up one’s mind. Within the past year, we have had the extreme fortune to share our vision, our products and our passion with various corporations functioning on every level of the business spectrum. The commonality amongst those who struggle to get by and/or succumb to the failure of their full growth potential, is that they hover. We have found that the greatest hindrance to the revelation of expansion and attainment of wealth, is the hesitancy to reach decisions, combined with an ease of influence by others. On the contrary, we have learned from progressive companies experiencing prosperity and expansion, a commonality to embrace decisiveness and impervious strength. The basis for persistence is the power of will. A trait reflected most often by our leadership team here at Scott-Systems. We are thinkers, we are innovators and without a doubt, we utilize thought and desire to commensurate a physical response to partner with our brand. What makes our company powerful and advances us to a level beyond start-up, is the fact that we possess three key factors to success: a dream, a purpose and a direction. We have faced adversity and when confronted, we simply double our effort. We firmly believe that every adversity carries the seeds of a greater benefit and that stabilization of a situation comes through the diversification of risk. Ambition is often killed by the individual acceptance of fate because of a developed routine. Success and failures are so much the result of habits. As a corporation, we utilize our military background for established motivation and continual correspondence of creativity to identify flaws in our plan in an effort to raise our heads and be recognized by continual opportunity. When opportunity knocks, most run out the back door. At Scott-Systems, when opportunity knocks, we open our minds, create space and develop organization to bring in more.

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