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Pushing The Bull…

The strategy of a bull market is to continually increase the value of the commodity over time. We remain well aware of the obstacles we at Scott-Systems have overcome and are most certain that the road ahead is long and filled with unforeseen pitfalls; however, our heads remain high and the pursuit of a dream has yielded great experience, enduring patience and growing strength. Our Scott-Systems leadership team has remained steadfast pillars to anchor the foundation upon which we build Scaff-All, Post-Rack and Float-Frame! Three advanced product lines that combine engineering ingenuity, structural integrity and safety innovation. Our diversification combined with the ambition to create competition from within our own company is what empowers our decisions to make great products even better and our marketing even more appealing. $10,000 + 10,000 hours + 10,000 miles = about 1 inch on the business scale map to success. Scott-Systems continues to push the bull on an upward trend to the top!

We showed a sneak peak of our Float-Frame vanity and counter-top bracket, below is a preview of our never seen before 24″ island bracket on display in Michigan. The ability for floating granite, marble and concrete islands to extend over two feet without the need for center or side supports is here and we are excited to be the company bringing it to market!

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