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What can we say? On behalf of the Scott-Systems executive leadership team, we would like to take the time to thank our new customers and friends.  From the second thought turned to print, print to proto-type, we knew we had a product to offer the pole barn industry never before seen.  A bracket so innovative, engineered for function, durability and strength, the award winning Post-Rack is now in the production stages with a world-class partner Kapco Metal Stamping; Grafton, Wisconsin.  A company equipped with a reputation to exceed high volume market demand with visionary leadership to take our company to the next level. Made in the USA with appealing cost to value pricing, as well as retail and distributor margins to create a new stream of business revenue for partners. The fact that we have exhausted a substantial inventory of brackets is met with gratitude, orders continue to come in and the list to deliver early in the new year expands daily. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get priority distribution in 2018 by purchasing your brackets at WWW.POST-RACK.COM today!

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