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When Fear of Failure Meets Hatred for Losing!

More than most Saturday evenings you’ll find a core group of my family “besties” sharing conversation, company and of course, cocktails! I had heard my buddy “Benny” say it before, but Saturday night, it resonated. “You don’t hate losing enough!” He was referring to the challenge he had placed in front of his veteran led, skilled by repetition, loaded with potential basketball team, who just hadn’t experienced it either often enough or bad enough, to have had enough. Having all the answers to business success falls short of my grasp, a fundamental comprehension of that what it takes to create a five-some force to overthrow the grips of fear and create a sincere dislike for losing, I know all too well.
Two of my greatest fears in life are failure and of being disliked. You can see how that may be an issue when trying to sell anything or win basketball games! Our Scott-Systems’ family, in combination with the Clark crew I have at home, provide the security to focus on the fear of failure. Scott-Systems has provided a great story to tell, innovative and award-winning products to sell, a person who loves to tell a story and still comes up with a blog that falls short of expectations and is a failure! There is a great social media analogy that goes something like; a person who posts new ownership of business will get 10 “likes”, a post about recently getting hired will get 10,000! As a company, we must market, especially on social media, it falls within our budget! With each blog post, I pour my heart into reaching all five of you, everyone!!
It’s time to share the journey! Few interpret the story, less fathom the struggle, and just a few more than that know about the origination of the products, as well as the growth of the company. Such a short time in the entrepreneurial world, but what has taken longer than expected. I take responsibility for quite a bit of that delay, as one of my responsibilities for Scott-Systems, as well as a share in Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Packaging, and Leadership, is Social Media (blogging in particular). Risk management, paranoid liability and the increase of the need to “be in a meeting” by purchasers, has made the demands of growing a business even more challenging in trying to penetrate new product barriers. In the age of “reality” marketing, it is more important to divulge others “into your business” than it is to indoctrinate others “about your business”. Emotion over education. When feelings lead, the falls of profit follow.
The past Friday, I posted a video on my personal FB page, my first “Video Release”. For the sake of my wife and daughter, there will be no more music videos! This was a complete demonstrated abandonment of so many fears, so much frustration and the celebration of all that comes with the opportunity of a new day. The placement of our first PO for a product (Float-Frame) that didn’t even exist until just a short time ago, is reason to celebrate; the potential partnership with a solid partner in the heart of “pole barn” country, put the day over the top! If your starting five could be Positive Reinforcement at the one, Relentless Belief at the two, Committed Faith at the three, Unselfish Ego at the four and a Finishing Delivery at the five, there is no chance for failure. Zero percent is the mark of limitation oblivion. Eliminating the obstacle of self-doubt is the first step to anything. Combine that with a complete dislike for losing and you will find winning achievement. After that, you better have a great product to back it up… – The Story of Lloyd Scott-The Inventor

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