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867 Billion Reasons, Ancillary Anticipation and Agricultural Optimism…

Recently, the House and the Senate came together with landslide votes to approve an $867 BILIION Farm Bill over the next ten years to stabilize, position and boost the agricultural industry. The impact of the legalization of hemp within the bill gives farmers the opportunity to create grow operations and the freedom to capitalize on a market CNBC analysts project to be upwards of $20 Billion by the year 2022. Post-Frame construction dominates within the business of agricultural construction, an accompanying beneficiary of the stimulus package. The Post-Rack storage, shelving and workbench bracket has become a major player within the Pole Barn industry. With over 1,000 brackets sold in more than 40 states, Scott-Systems is positioned to supply the demands of a booming market throughout the country! To all of the key players behind the purpose of our existence, to our Kapco Metal Stamping manufacturing team, to our Supply One packaging and distribution team and all of our satisfied customers, Scott-Systems thanks you for a fantastic 2018!

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