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Elevating Economics, Supporting Success and Posting Positivity

As a small business, our fundamental principals and practices to generate income mirror that of multi-million dollar corporations with the difference being the elasticity of the dollar. We stretch every fiber and pinch every penny: not out of fear of failure; but, moreso for the preservation of vision. Accumulating others to embrace our dreams, to share our values and purchase our products is monetarily maximized and driven by the vehicle of social media. A forum for which image and integrity scales can be influenced and tipped to favor or failure instantaneously. Our motivation is heartfelt and honest, we pursue prosperity to create a clear vision in the eyes of consumers, for what was first visualized in the mind of our inventor, Lloyd Scott. Lloyd has entrusted us as partners and over a short time, our product line-up:, and www.; has captured the interest and imagination throughout the construction industry. Now, we need your help! Let the world know that you appreciate effort, integrity, value and that the “American Dream” is still very much alive by liking and sharing via Facebook!

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