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The entire concept of the POST-RACK shelving bracket by Scott-Systems is to create a solid, functional organization option within Post-Frame construction.  Lloyd Scott entrusted his vision of securing a steel collar to a vertical lumber frame with William Bowser, a twenty-three-year decorated veteran of the United States Army.  As CEO/PRESIDENT of the Scott-Systems’ team, William has utilized his personal core values of determination, loyalty and a steadfast nature to solidify our foundation and elevate the business plan one level at a time.  Just a short time ago, the idea of a pole barn storage bracket was put to print, print to die, die to press, press to paint, paint to proto type and a beast was born!   The timing of the 50th NFBA EXPO in Nashville, TN, where experts, elite owners and seasoned professionals in the industry gather by the thousands could not have been more perfect for the new product unveiling.  The reviews solidified our belief that we have something special, the 2017 Best Product award, intensified the rapid need for growth, marketing and distribution because the masses believe that we have something special as well.

The investment and commitment to provide product for an industry responsible for hundreds of thousand of buildings requires intellectual property securement, world class manufacturing, efficient packaging and a distribution provider with the abilities to cover the entire United States.  The POST-RACK features multiple unique advantages to isolate itself as premier choice for pole barn storage.  The adjustability ensures secure attachment to posts ranging 3.25” to 6.25” wide, this accommodates 3-Ply, 4-Ply, and 6”x 6” posts.  The surface decking to create the shelf between two columns attaches directly to the brackets for secure bracing and continuous, level runs the length of the shed.  Steel collaring reinforces the adhesion of the lumber, bracing stabilizes the span and the 24” length of the bracket is professionally engineered to work in conjunction with the column, safety rated to easily support 750 pounds per 8’ to 12’ length.

Kapco Metal Stamping of Grafton, WI manufactures world-class steel products at high volume rates to meet and exceed growth fluctuations to assist in the advancement of new companies such as ours. Once the fulfillment of the purchase order for manufacturing is met, SupplyOne located in Jackson, WI, creates a transfer of product and provides strategic packaging and palletization for distribution.  The Scott-Systems commitment is to work with the best, to offer our customers the best, to be the best!  The POST-RACK product is proven, our price is America Made, honest and with a value that far exceeds the cost.  If your friends and family with barns haven’t seen these, be sure and do them a favor and show them!  Our team continues to fight, continues to learn, continues to sacrifice and continues to grow by focusing on compounding the interest level in our product.  Check out the brackets online at:

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