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4.90 out of 5 based on 72 customer ratings
72 customer reviews

Post-Rack Bracket



Universal Brackets                  – NO Lefts or Rights

Corner Solution

Cantilever Shelving, Storage, Work Space and Bench Brackets


CALL our Veteran Owner for Details

888.204.9990 ext. 1



Both sides of the bracket are an individual 5” receiver



– Responds within 24 hours


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Dependable storage that doesn’t take up floor space.

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Adjustable to your environment:

The Post-Rack is a cantilever bracket that has a variable “grip” that fits upright posts from 3.25” to 6.25” wide, this accommodates 3-Ply, 4-Ply, and 6”x 6” posts. Shelving is built from standard 2” x 12” and 2” x 4” lumber, or 2″ x 6″ ripped to 4.5″ and 1/2″ plywood/ OSB or materials that are  — on-site to match width of openings between upright posts.



Included in this bracket kit:

(1) POST-RACK Bracket
(6) 5/16”X 2-1/2”  Lag screws
(6) 5/16”  Washers


Download Installation Instructions


Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 11 × 6 in

72 reviews for Post-Rack Bracket

  1. Julia Strawn

    Well we messed up and can’t use them. We put our insulation in before the shelf brackets and now they don’t fit. How can I request a refund on the ones we didn’t try 🙁 Next time we’ll wait on insulation.

  2. Bob

    Great service, great delivery, great packaging, great product! God Bless America!.

  3. David O.

  4. Anonymous

    I only ordered one set do.I could see if I liked them before I bought more and I’m very happy with them. They are extremely strong, easy to install and look great. These are definitely a great solution to all the waisted space in these Pole Barn walls. I plan on buying many more in the future to take advantage of all that space. I highly recommend!

  5. Thomas W.

    These are best brackets for shelves on the market! I have used over 10 of them in my pole barn with great success. I went between the brackets with 4×4 and then put 3/4” plywood as the floor for the shelf!

  6. Mike A.

  7. David T.

    My second set of brackets. Love how much space I’m gaining as I build the shelves!

  8. Steve

    Easy to install and very functional. Will definitely buy more

  9. Preston Green

    Thank you!

  10. Derrick C.

    Love this product. Easy to mount and simple to assemble the shelving. Only downside was the screws that came with it. They tend to break easily. I bought my own screws.

  11. Gary Basor

    Great system for a pole barn. We’ll made and made in USA by a veteran owned company. Can’t get any better.

  12. Anonymous

    The brackets are awesome and probably the best available for this style shelf. I only gave them three stars however because of the price, which has nearly doubled in the last six months. I guess I’ll finish shelving my barn when they start being made in China.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you schoward321 for the review. So happy that you found the bracket quality and utilization to be awesome! Wanted to acknowledge your disappointment with the cost. Please note our cost to have these manufactured has also doubled and shipping costs have significantly increased. We pride ourselves being a Veteran Owned (23 years served in the Army) small business, to remain having these made in the United States with American steel.

  13. Nathaniel B Moore

    First and foremost I struggled for about a month on a solution to the shelving problem that plagued me. My brain going in a million different directions on how I was going to build a shelf in my post frame garage. While surfing the ole’ interwebs, I had stumbled upon a photo of a post bracket. I found the website and quickly started researching the Scott Systems Post Rack product. I was a bit hesitant at first as to if I wanted to purchase the product, as I was not sure if it was the right application for me. I had thumbed through all the photos in the gallery, nothing really stuck out to me as being a good application for my garage. I emailed the company I asked a few questions. I was quickly directed to call and speak with Bill. Bill and I spoke on the phone about my application and what I was looking to accomplish. Let me tell you that in my world customer service is a big deciding factor in chosen who I purchase from. Bill is a Veteran as I, this is a good start I thought. Then he asked me to send him some photos or even a video of my build to see what exactly I was working with. Again I was still a bit hesitant, he was quick to reassure me that it would be a good fit for my project. So I explained that I would think about it and he explained that the longer I waited the more likely it would be a 6-8 week turn around time. So I toiled of the idea, I believe it was the second day in and I was about to pull the trigger and order Bill calls me up and explained that he had a big order get cancelled and he had some brackets that could get sent out right away. I pulled all the punches and I ordered a bundle of 12 brackets. The brackets showed up in like three days, I was pretty impressed. Then the magic started to happen, I started to layout my project and it seemed as everything just kind of fell into place. This system is very easy to utilize and the finished result is top notch. The photos below are just a few of the ones that I have taken to help facilitate how this system can be used in a residential post frame garage. I decided to go with on my bench the 2×4 & 2×12 way and then for the shelf above (which by the way I have tremendous OCD and hate wasted space) I went ahead and ripped down some 2×6’s and decked it with 3/4″ plywood. The way the system laid out upon completion was exactly the very thing I was looking for. I however have to clean up the clutter of what you can see in the photos, however this has been a project of one man (Myself). I would highly recommend this system to anyone, the support you get from the company is top notch. The feedback is on par to a bigger company and the the friendships made along the way are amazing. For reference I would like to point out that I am not in anyway paid for this review nor did I receive this product for testing I did pay retail price for this product and it was worth that and so much more in my opinion. Again if you are thinking that it cant be done in your project do not hesitate to give them a call and talk to them discuss your application I am sure you can find resolve and still use this product.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you Nathaniel for the honest and open review; as well as, the tips and tricks you used to install your American Made Post-Rack brackets! Great pics of your project! We always love seeing the creativity of our customers!

  14. Anonymous

    Worked exactly as advertised. Easy to install and sturdy. Can’t imagine building shelves in pole barn with Post Rack Brackets.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for your review. We appreciate your time and support!

  15. Dan Speicherr

    Put them through out pole barn and just did in garage had to customize a little because 2×4 construction

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you Dan for taking time to write us a review! We appreciate the positive feedback. If you get an opportunity please add or share some photos.

  16. Cecil Hays

  17. Thomas W.

    Great rack system! I am using it for a workbench in my barn.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for your service Thomas! We appreciate the support and reviews!

  18. gerald davies

    your bolts were junk had to go and buy good ones that didnt keep breaking

    • Kim Bowser

      Yes they were, our apologies. Wrong ones were packaged – this is being corrected. Thank you for informing us and making us aware.

  19. Thomas

    Great product! They are heavy so have someone ready to help!!

  20. Anonymous

  21. Jan Kronke – Oregon TimberWerks

    Stellar customer service. They go above and beyond to ensure satisfaction.
    Very well built product. The Post-Rack bracket is obviously proudly made in the USA.
    When you run out of space on the floor, add real-estate by going up. I wish I would have done this years ago. I will be adding more brackets soon. Happy, happy customer!

  22. Mickey Bazinet

  23. Jonathan C.

    Easy to use, very sturdy

  24. Micheal Cochran

    Solid equipment.

  25. Michael M.

    Brackets are very strong and make very nice shelves or benches – they were sturdy and comfortable to walk on. We used 2x4s on the bottom and 2x12s on the top. Got them for about $85 each at a local dealer and picked them up.

  26. Louis Darnell

    They work perfectly and I’m going to order more

  27. Stacie Meece

  28. Roger Manz

    ,Appreciate the call updating delivery delay, great product!

  29. Douglas Lehmann

    I need more!!!!!!

  30. Kurt Zager

    This rack system is great! The hardware is well built, easy to install, and gives me back the precise floor space. This review really could be a 5 star review, but I had to take one star away because of the quality of the bolts that come with the system. I bought 10 units and out of the 6 I’ve installed, 5 bolts were far from straight and the threads were half the width of the others. Disappointing when you are 18′ height and the bolt in your hand is a reject. The bolts look like they were forged vs machined, so I started using my own bolts. Now with that said, I still HIGHLY recommend this system and intend to buy more in the future, but will use my own bolts. I think the price point is fair!

  31. Gary S.

    It works great for shelving and also work bench. It keeps everything off the floor for easier floor cleanup.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for your support

  32. Tedd B.

    These are great brackets and super heavy duty. I placed a pair in my wood shop so that I could move a large air compressor off of the floor to save space. Pleased as punch. They are well made and look clean and neat.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for taking time to give a review! We appreciate it!

  33. patricia marsano

    This was a relatively easy install. We will be buying more of these in the near future. When we built our pole barn I thought we miscalculated the amount of space we had. Now with these brackets we have been able to utilize the space so well that we will have plenty of floor space now.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for taking time to give a review! We appreciate it!

  34. Mike T.

    Little expensive but very nice. Installs easy and makes sturdy shelving. I have bought several brackets and very pleased with them. Very good people to deal with and shipped quickly.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for taking time to give a review! We appreciate it!

  35. Louie Edwards

    As Advertised. I am a happy Sailor . I may need more of these once my shop is finished. I will buy again.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for taking time to give a review! We appreciate it!

  36. Mike B.

  37. Phoebe S.

    These are very sturdy and work great in our new barn!

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for taking time to give a review! We appreciate it!

  38. Michael M.

    Like i said I will be ordering more

  39. Michael M.

    I thought the product was a little pricey until I unpacked them, feeling happy about spending the money on a superior product. Perfect product for what I am trying to accomplish. I will be ordering more!

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for taking time to give a review! We appreciate it!

  40. Gary Hoffman

    Great product! Made to last and super heavy duty. You will not be disappointed. Easy install comes with easy to follow directions. The owner Bill answers the phone and is very helpful to any questions you may have. THANK YOU. We love our new heavy duty 11 1/2 foot shelf.

    • Kim Bowser

      Thank you for taking time to give a review! We appreciate it!

  41. Matt

    Should send email so you know when product ships with tracking number>

  42. Joseph Dellario

  43. David Nichols

    Nice job. Arrived on time and they were easy to install.

  44. Corey

    Nice product and fast shipping!

  45. Jared Morgan

    Solid brackets for the pole barn. My only gripe was the hardware could have been a little heaver duty as I snapped two of the bolt heads during my install. If you’re looking for an alternative to ground supported shelves that can handle some weight these are the ticket. I’m very pleased with the purchase. Check out my install video to see for yourself:

  46. Brent M.

    Excellent product and easy installation! Just what I was looking for!

  47. Ivan McCormick

    heavy duty quality workmanship . Will fit many Size Polls .Will hold heavy loads. Little bit spendy but if you wanna hold a heavy Load they will work

  48. Peggy Lenfestey

    I bought two of these to put in my pole building, I needed something that would hold heavy weight better than just plain wood shelves. (It is kinda hard to find a good way to install wood shelves on pole building walls) My son put them up for me and they went up easy. We have them loaded w/ extra boxes of oak flooring and more. I am so glad I found them on line. Can’t say enough about how happy I am with my purchase.

  49. Donald

    Item well made and of good quality materials. Shipping was super fast and arrived in great condition. Free shipping on buying 6 is a great deal! Thanks much!! Hope to do more business with Scott Systems in the near future!!

  50. Derek

    I just installed 8 of the post rack brackets. Awesome product! The only thing that was missing is a 45 degree corner bracket. I will fab one up so that I can have a continuous 42′ work bench. Super clean looking product that is fully functional.

  51. Michael L.

    Just finished installing four this weekend and they work great! Going to place another order soon.

  52. Glenn Carter

    Bought two for my pole barn to make a workbench. Just purchased 9 more for shelving. These brackets are great. Inexpensive–no. Worth it–yes. These brackets make a permanent improvement to a pole building. Try a pair and you will want more.

  53. Raymond K.

    I ordered 12 and will be ordering 12 more! Amazingly fast and easy to install!

  54. Greg Poma

    Awesome system- I am completely anal about organization and as soon as I saw these online I had to have them. Called the number on the site and got the owner Bill- awesome guy- ordered 12- I actually picked them up since I live close to them- now I am ordering another two today!! Easy to install with my sons help. Absolutely recommend the product!

  55. Adam Williams

  56. Michael B.

  57. David Adams

  58. Tim L.

  59. Jerome Schlenz

    Very happy with the product. Ordering was easy. Shipping was excellent.

  60. Dave P. – Montana

    Only got 1 section, but will definitely be getting more. Fantastic item, put mine up higher on the wall, to get items up out of the way.

  61. Gary

    Called before I placed the order to see when it would be shipped. He said he would personally ship it that day. Within an hour it was on its way. Absolutely great customer service! Arrived the next day and I can’t wait to hang them this weekend.

  62. Jeanpaul

  63. Anonymous

    Brackets worked amazing, easy installation and a wonderful finished product!

  64. Mark

    Well built and performed as it was intended

  65. Jeffrey L.

    Simple design that truly works. It was really easily to install…I had 9 Sections up in no time. I like having shelving with no up rights.

  66. Dan

    Great product! We had an awesome expirience with Scott Systems and their Post-Rack bracket. They have the best customer service in the industry!!!

  67. Tim H.

    Great product and made in USA

  68. JEFF P.

  69. John J.

    Great Product and Great Company …Scott Systems team hit the spot on this one. Veteran owned and American made product, with this company you will be treated first class with a team that is there to answer all your questions and insure your product is reaching your destination. And once you receive your product you will be truly amazed at the solutions you will be able to solve with almost any up the wall storage needs you might have. Very satisfied customer.

  70. Buyer

    Very pleased with the heavy duty construction of the bracket!

  71. Buyer

    Great product! Used a couple brackets to build a work bench for the new pole shed. Thanks Scott-Systems!!!

  72. Buyer

    Great solution for our storage and shelving needs in the pole barn.

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