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The General and The Colonel…

Memorial Day 2017, a day of significant importance to the leadership of Scott-Systems. We give thanks to those who have served, sacrificed and saved our identity as One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For All. The strength identified in a soldier can be matched with the qualities of what it takes to survive in business. Unity, adaptability, performance and loyalty; all components functioning in unison to overcome obstacles and counter challenges. There are certain partnerships that when joined, can create an impenetrable bond. Scott-Systems CEO William Bowser is a retired Master Sergeant having served over twenty years in the United States Army. He is a leader in possession of qualities such as drive, determination, and dedication. I am most proud of the fact that I get to call him my cousin, “The General”. As a child, I associate my paternal side of my family with tragedy. Often it was young lives taken before their time, other times it was the loss of family pillars who would keep everything together, the assurance that time would heal. Our family became well rehearsed at turning the tragedies of personal loss into a reflective celebration of life. Today we reflectively celebrate life in the form of freedom and the pursuit of happiness. One of Scott-Systems biggest fans is our uncle, JC, “The Colonel”. As a Vietnam Veteran, our hearts go out to those who live with the extreme anguish of loss on the battlefield. “The General” gives this company the drive, “The Colonel” gives this company the heart. This business is way more than we could have ever dreamed and we are continually reminded of the value of having our bond solidified through daily contact. Resiliency is built over time and strengthened through experience. As a company, we offer superior ingenuity into our American made products from an organization of highly motivated competitors. The future outlook for this company is extremely bright and we give thanks to the teammates who continue to help us grow.

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