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Pursuing The Waterfall…

Scott-Systems explores the boundaries of bracket engineering to provide innovative solutions for shelving, safety and structural integrity.  The opportunistic introduction of Lloyd Scott’s construction wisdom in the form of the Scaff-All bracket to the peaked interest of a twenty plus year, decorated military veteran with executive experience by the name of William Bowser, formed an unbreakable covenant between the two and an evolution of one bracket concept would quickly expand into a triple-threat company called Scott-Systems.   Scaff-All would make a  public debut at the Great Lakes Builders Show in Detroit and a sleeping giant awoke with rave reviews.  The construction scaffolding bracket then took home the NAHB [] “Innovative Safety Product of the Year” award in Las Vegas, and has since opened the door for the design, patenting, manufacturing and marketing of our latest products, Post-Rack and Float-Frame.  The Post-Rack bracket made its public debut last March at the NFBA 50th Anniversary [] in Nashville, Tn.  The workbench, shelving and storage bracket for the pole barn industry was awarded “Best Product of the Show” and has since become a success with sales on the internet and popular amongst major retail locations throughout the country!  Our company offers United States Army veteran leadership with superior, patented technology in combination with world-class manufacturing by way of Kapco Metal Stamping [] in Grafton, WI.  Check out our current special on the Post-Rack bracket at  Learn how your company can create an entirely new stream of revenue through distribution and installation by contacting a Scott-Systems representative.

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