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Corporate Sustainability Through Pateneted Diversification…

Scott-Systems has quickly established a reputation for providing superior, innovative and award-winning products through the patented technology of binding steel collared brackets to the strength of frame construction security. The anticipation of possessing our latest proto-type in the form of our newest invention, Float-Frame, is extremely exciting for our company! We are now within just a few weeks of bringing this innovative product to market and the initial test marketing has exceeded expectations. The ability to withstand significant mass, create efficient ease of installation and unlimited functionality, the Float-Frame will be a staple in the construction and remodeling of homes, hotels, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and retirement domiciles. The elimination for the need of corner and center obstructing supports for vanities, countertops and work stations in the form of granite, marble and concrete, will create wheelchair accessibility never before experienced. The opportunity to launch a product with the ability to change lives is both motivating and humbling; we are proud! Demonstrated in the picture below is just a glimpse of what this revolutionary bracket is capable of! Similar to our Post-Rack product, we not only stand by our inventions, we stand on them…

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